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Caroline Devine, Rachael Marshall, Bletchley Park

Documenting Station X


Station X is a collaboration between an installation artist, a photographer, a sound artist and a film maker that documented Blocks C and D at Bletchley Park prior to their renovation. One of the photographs from this work is currently part of the 100 Buildings 100 100 Years exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. 


The artists documented some of the derelict Grade II listed buildings that were inaccessible to the public due to their dangerous state of disrepair. Conditions were harsh in rooms that have been unventilated for years and provided the artists with fascinating insights into what happens when nature is left to its own devices for years.


After decades of decay and a successful fundraising campaign the buildings are now being renovated. Station X provides a sensory insight into the disused buildings and the remnants of their secret past. It offers a contemporary interpretation of what is arguably one of Britain’s most important 20th century historical sites. The exhibition documents the visual and aural histories imbued in the buildings before their renovation. 



Left: Sound artist Caroline Devine recording from the depths of the Bletchley Park lake.


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