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Station X media coverage


While working and exhibiting at Bletchley Park I've met many staff, volunteers, veterans and very passionate people who spare their time and expertise for fundraising and awareness raising. Many of them are on Twitter; use the #BPark hashtag to find us all.


23.09.14 The Twentieth Century Society: 100 Building, 100 Years. "Entrance to Block D, Bletchley Park"  illustrates Block D being selected as the building for 1943 in the centenenary exhibition at the Royal Academy and accompanying book to celebrate 100 years of the Society.


25.08.13 Dazed Online features the Station X project in 'The dA-Zed of Surveillance'. "The result is a multi-sensory interpretation of buildings whose remnants still tell the story of the Government Code and Cypher School that broke the German Enigma codes."


03.09.12 Bletchley Park News about September's ArtHertz Exhibition. "Ghost Station will also include the critically acclaimed collaborative piece, Station X, which was first shown and conceived for display at MK Gallery Project Space"


12.05.12 BBC News, Beds, Herts and Bucks Interview with Caroline, Maya, and me. "They have lifted rust-covered surfaces from walls, recorded the squawking of pigeons and other sounds from inside the decaying buildings, and those that come from outside like the rumble of trains from the nearby West Coast line."


05.05.12 Paul Caplewell's Blog "The combination of the, at once familiar, yet other worldly, sounds and atmospheric photographs of dust, cobwebs and the odd decaying bird, along with the physical ‘casts’ of the walls themselves all give a very peculiar overall feeling." 


01.05.12 Preserving the un-preservable at Station X Twentieth Century Society news about the exhibition in Milton Keynes, with an interesting suggestion in the comments. 





30.04.12 Radio 4 Today Programme An interview with Caroline, Maya, (Luke was there too!) and Iain Standen, Bletchley Park CEO. The feature starts at approximately 2h:20m into the iPlayer recording, just before the sports item.


30.04.2012 BBC Online Gallery of Station X Project.


04.05.12 MK Gallery's announcement about Station X in the Project Space, featuring a clip from Luke's film What's Left Behind. 


01.05.12 PMC loudspeakers used at Station X exhibition at Bletchley Park


27.04.12 Dr. Black's Posterous "Maya is one of the artists involved in creating the Station X exhibition that opens in Milton Keynes next week. I can't wait to see it! :)"


26.04.12 PMC at Bletchley Park, It's an Enigma A feature from PMC, one of supporters for the project.  


27.10.11 An interview with Maya Ramsay about the Station X Project.


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