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Rachael Marshall, Bletchley Park



Caroline Devine captured the sounds produced by and within the decaying huts, exploring the spatial aspects of sound. Caroline is interested in voices that may be obscured, silenced or absent such as the employees at Bletchley who were sworn to secrecy for 30 years after the war.

Maya Ramsay is an installation artist who makes works using a process to lift pigment, debris and texture from surfaces in the built environment, in particular from buildings that are due to be demolished or restored. Maya specialises in making works that reference war through the associations that abstract marks can create.


The work of Luke Williams involves film, carving, construction and installation practices. Luke produces devices that co-exist with the space in which they are placed. He is interested in the narratives and reinterpretation of science. 


Rachael Marshall is a photographer who is particularly interested in the reasons why we value and preserve certain buildings.


Left: Detail of 'Creep' by Rachael Marshall.


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